Sexual Assault:

Defending Against the False Allegation

Facing charges of sexual assault is a life-altering event, even when those charges are false. Because of the serious nature of these cases, prosecutors are often required to meet a much lower level of evidence when establishing probable cause when charging a suspect. Though allegations of sexual assault can vary in degrees of seriousness, prosecuting attorneys take all allegations of sexual assault seriously. This means that charges of sexual assault are prosecuted even in cases where the evidence may appear weak or questionable.

Many sexual assault cases are also of the “he said - she said” variety, consisting of an allegation by a complainant and a denial by the accused. Most people believe that such an allegation must be true. After all, why would someone ever make up such a thing? Unfortunately, false accusations of sexual assault are not an uncommon occurrence.

People do make up false charges and the motives to do so are wide and varied. Sometimes, no motive is apparent. Such allegations can be made by adults or by children. Children’s motives are often tougher to discern. A child may have been subject to influence by an older person with a motive or an agenda. Alternatively, it may be an overactive imagination based on something the child has seen, heard, or experienced somewhere else.

These cases do share some common characteristics. To properly defend such a case, a lawyer must possess good cross-examination skills, good listening skills, and be thoroughly prepared. The lawyer should be able to walk into the courtroom with the confidence that he or she knows the case inside out

Such cases require that the defense lawyer and the client work closely together so that all the relevant facts are brought to light and the best possible defense is advanced. With more than 30 years of criminal defense law experience, Larry Keller has both the deep knowledge and tireless dedication needed to represent your case.

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