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With personal injury law, liability is a key factor. Liability is determined by showing that the individual who caused the harm did so because of a failure to exercise reasonable care. Further, it must be shown that it was foreseeable that this failure could result in the injury or harm that did occur to the other party. A finding of reckless or negligent action may result in a judgment of liability.

There are various defenses to a claim of liability. For example, if the injured party knew that the activity in which he was engaged when he was injured was dangerous, the other party may assert assumption of the risk, claiming that the injured party bears all the responsibility for his injury. Other defenses are pre-existing condition and intervening causes.

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Serious injuries caused by others often result in being saddled with large medical bills, loss of ability to work, loss of income, and physical and mental pain. And just as often, the person or persons who cause these injuries escapes justice because the injured party did not secure competent legal representation.

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