When It Comes To Criminal
Defense, Don’t Settle:

Get a Lawyer Who’ll Ensure the Best Possible Outcome

Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Throughout his over 35-year career as a criminal defense attorney, Larry Keller has worked tirelessly to ensure the rights of the accused.

Choosing capable legal representation

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it’s vital to obtain capable legal aid as quickly as possible. You’re looking for an attorney with a wealth of experience in criminal defense law and an attorney who works hard to ensure that your rights are fully protected. You need an criminal defense attorney with the tenacity to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

A top criminal defense lawyer has many jobs

If you’re facing jail time or hefty criminal penalties, then you need to retain a top criminal defense attorney like Larry Keller. Larry Keller and his staff will:

    Navigate your case through the state and local legal system with a knowledge of criminal defense law and court rules that only come with decades of experience.
  • Get you the best possible outcome, including, when appropriate, working with prosecuters on plea bargain agreements and alternative sentencing.
  • Point out important legal rules and regulations that you may not know about, and that a public defender would never spend the time and effort to discover.
  • Spend more time gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses than the prosecuting attorney is capable of doing.
  • Help you with the intense emotions of dealing with a criminal case.

A criminal record will follow you the rest of your life

A criminal record can limit your job prospects, affect your income, and limit your life in unimaginable ways - so don’t gamble with your own future. Contact Larry Keller Law Offices now and get one of Cincinnati’s most experienced and tenacious criminal defense attorneys on your side.