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Larry Keller is a Battle Tested and Proven Attorney

Serving Hamilton, Butler, and Warren Counties

You need a lawyer. That’s why you’re here. You need a lawyer that you can talk to, a lawyer with the competence and experience to get things done, and practically speaking, a lawyer who is affordable. Larry Keller is just that lawyer.

Larry Keller has helped thousands of clients over the years. In addition to having a record of excellence as a criminal defense attorney, he has an intricate understanding of the law and legal procedures necessary to develop a winning strategy for your case. Larry Keller’s commitment to you is to go the extra mile to win your case or to obtain the best possible outcome, and he takes that pledge very seriously.

Whether you’ve been charged with your first OVI, or you’re a repeat offender, Larry Keller will work with the courts to resolve your case with the best outcome possible.

If you’re facing jail time or hefty criminal penalties, then you need a top criminal defense attorney. Throughout his over 35-year career, Larry Keller has worked tirelessly to ensure the rights of the accused.

Larry Keller is an ideal attorney to represent your interests and help ensure that you receive the justice and recompense that you deserve. Don’t needlessly suffer loss of income and large medical bills.